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tv   Mad Money  NBC  November 13, 2015 3:00am-4:00am CST

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"mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. i'm just trying to save you money. my job is not just to entertain, but ed indicate, and on days like today, teach you hoe things are work ing. there's negative and then what's bubbling up underneath what has become a treasure russ market. s&p plummeted 1.4%, nasdaq down 1.22%, as i've been saying for days, it's going to stay tough for a while. this was a very discoloneling day for the bulls. because we have this bizarre confluence of so many companies' prospects fading at exactly the same time that a parade of
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federal reserve officials came up with a need to raise rates. when you see stocks of hive-quality companies like cummings or macy's, and nordstrom tonight joining in with a really hideous report, the last thing you would expect is for a grownup federal governor or president to squawk about the need to -- when copper is trading at levels not seen in years, when aluminum and iron are plummeting, kind of crazy for people in positions of power to keep talking about how we desperately need to raise interest rates, raise them. it's positively counter intuitive. with oil once again about to challenge the $3 level, who would think a lot of federal reserve officials would grab a microphone and say these the -- against inflation. i'm sorry.
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what inflation? i see deflation almost everywhere, except in wages. but clearly that is all that matters to the fed, because by any other calculus, everything else is going down, except for make bone-in chicken and all-natural beef. two pretty niche commodities, unless you own a restaurant like i do. if you didn't know any better, you would think these fed policy makers will talk about the need it's a recipe for declining stock prices, and that's what you're getting. no matter, like i've told you repeatedly, as soon as the fed got the ammunition to raise rates in the form of last friday's very strong employment number, this market would go from being intermittently
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bearish. some some pockets of strength hand some pockets of excessive negativity. that's exactly where we are right now. remember, the fed has no mandate to preserve your stock portfolio. i have they critics who sayivity stocks who want higher to to give your portfolio a boost. that is just totally untrue. i absolutely do favor higher stock prices, because more of you own -- i like stocks savings vehicles. i don't want you to lose money. hey, that's my bias. however, i also don't want inflation to come roaring back. even if stocks go higher, you won't do well in a raging inflation environment, simply because your purchasing power would be so impaired. there's a very easy test that i
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use to assess the stock market, which is what we care about in cramerica can handle a rate hike. the text, simp. is the economy so strong that it will slope, but not derail the good things that happened, will it be this this. >> all aboard! >> or this? [ train whistling ] i think when we have the situation where prices are coming down for so many good goods whether it's the retail or supermarket, you don't need to be worried about a inflation. unfortunately i'm not hearing these concerns from any fed officials that spoke today. the fed feels sanguine everybody knows them now. it's facebook, amazon, netflix
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more portfolio managers pile into these names, the less i like them. now, let me introduce you to into the situation that will work. it's a niche situation. it's stocks that reflect not negative, but too much negative and can be bought either for trader investment, exhibit a is kohl's, where i shop for sogs or slacks. but anyway, i got a very nice kohl's from my house, nice place. seven months ago. $25 up in six months. accelerated with the unseasonably warm weather, a and got clobbered again.
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macy's was, it would tore -- and when kohl's delivered, the stock zoomed. yeah, we got too negative and it took off. macy's does have more hurt by the strong dollar, i have never seen one of those leaders holding up a yellow flag or one of those umbrellas, with going into the kohl's. i think that it would -- shockingly bad -- i clearly didn't spend enough when the wife took me there two weeks ago. everybody else is getting hey, how about that popeye's louisiana kitchen. we had the ceo on today.
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i think the pharmaceutical companies could soon fit the bill. if there's a fed-engendered slowdown, they'll be are you ready skee-daddy? it's a stock that can be punished by rhetoric and the fact that it's a member -- but bristol-myers is down almost 10%, and i want you to keep a eye on both general mills and kimberly-clark. they reported terrific quarters, with the recent of the market. in fair they're in consolidating industries. plus the raw costs, they're ought plummeting. they have less exposure to the strong dollar. finally let me give you another one. they went down today. oddly i believe as we see more and more challenges, you'll
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spending more on defense. in the nest 4,270 debates, i'm telling you this is what we're going to talk about. we don't have enough aircraft power to project power in southeast asia. we made our army about as lean as it could be. going into every presidential trip over each other how they need a stronger army, navy, and air force. it's a fact we must accept that stocks will get punished by all what happens with commodities or even the data. fed wants rates higher. being overly punished by some sort of mistaken group think. when we see capital punishment being meteed out, we'll point them out before they rebound. it's a harder way to make money, but still a way.
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here's the bottom line. we'll get through this period like the other 26 times since we bottomed back in 2009. that's something you can count on. jay in texas, jay? >> caller: hey, jim, happy new year, boo-yah jim bo. >> i'm all over that. what's going on? >> caller: my son and myself we're longtime followers, first time caller. i'm also a -- and my son goes to -- with a finance degree. >> fantastic. >> caller: we do some analysis of reading your books, and we have a question on hain celestial. >> i think the world of simon and hain, but when a company does not deliver the kind of earnings growth that the company itself wants, and ifsh irwin simon was disappointed.
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disappointed. you have to wait for the next quarter to see if things get better. it's a great long-term investment because of natural and organic, but i cannot be jumping up and down say buy hain he was disappointed on, except for proteal. alex in ohio? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah, alex. >> caller: i appreciate you. i'm a big fan. i don't know how you do what you do, man. >> sure trying. it's a tough day. >> caller: the question you have is regard to jetblue. is it a good pickup for the long term? if it were down a couple bucks. the thing has been a horse, an absolute horse, but it hasn't come down enough for me to say i like it more than delta. i've got to tell you something, i still like southwest more. jetblue has been a winner, but i
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can pound the table. already the market is getting punished for certain, but some stocks are getting overly punished. it's almost like they're falsely being condemned. keep an eye on these. they will come back. we always get through it together. c'mon, when have we not? grubhub is king when it comes to delivers delicious dinners, but the stock seems familiarished to me. then macy's got slammed yet. i'm telling you why the bear case extends far beyond the maul. plus what's next? can it continue? eifert the ceo. so stick with cramer! don't miss a second of "mad money." follow on twitter, have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets.
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pantene choose to move freely. move free ultra has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. and now try move free night. the first and only 2-in-1 joint and sleep supplement. all right. what the heck has happened to grubhub? here's a company with the number one online food ordering platform, and can't make it through the workweek without using their app to order yourself lunch. when grub hub became public back
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market went ga-ga for that stuff. hallelujah the darling of the high-growth internet space. we were told they said disruptive technology. that's transforming long stagnant restaurant takeout businesses. and they transformed the way many of us order food. so much easier to do it online than to pick up the phone, except for here, because we don't let our food travel. so fast forward to today. alternates more that a year and a half after the ipo, it's become a total dog, with a stock that's down more than 30% year to date. 30%? in fact it's not trading a couple bucks below the level when, and perilously we need to ask ourselves something -- has it been punished too much?
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that it's become a relative bargain? or has the narrative here changed? making the stock a lot less attractive than people initially thought? even though it's going down, your worst nightmare, you're a value guy? let's begin at the beginning. all the excite started less than a year before the ipo, when the old -- -- that can let you use the web or your phone, to get hundreds of cities nationwide. in addition to the grubhub/seamless business, they own dining in and restaurants on the run, local companies it acquired earlier this year, and online repose torrie of is menus. plus the company has its order hub business, by improving the online ordering and delivers process. when grub hub finally became
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actually soared 30%. on its first gale of trading, a red-hot internet stock. the bull case was pretty straightforward from the get-go. we heard how grub hub was a disruptor in a fragmented industry. the company talked about how it's total addressable market could be 61% of all restaurants in the u.s., and given that when grub hub became public, only 5% actually occurred officer the internet? well, it was pretty natural to assume this would be a very good long-term growth story. at the same time grub hub had all the share in the online delivery business, serving over 30,000 restaurants, 4.3 million users, numbers that haven't only got larger. so back then, they concluded that they had built a defensive, sustainable and increasingly
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some phenomenal apps, and a big motor around it. plus like so many other companies, it wasn't hostage to advertising. this wasn't a stock shahhic only judge on page views or eyeballs. >> the restaurant pays them a commission worst at least 150%. show higher on the, out of the gate, grub hub average commissions were 14.2%, the revenue growth here looks spectacular, up 85% in the first year it became public. so it's no surprise that grub hub worked its way higher, rallying up to $74 when it peakeded. $47, but then we reached late april of 2015, and since then grub hub has plummeted down to where it is now, it's almost cut
3:19 am
>> so what exactly went wrong? >> first of all while it's expanding rapidly, it's slowed pretty dramatically, and you know how these growth guys hate that. for example, in the last quarter, grub hub 38% revenue growth, but still down big from the 47% growth in the previous quarter, not to mention their fabulous 75% growth rate the year before. that's a major deceleration. remember, we like accelerating growth, and it makes you -- thing about most mates or uber--eats or even, yes, whoa, amazon might finally be taking a toll on the company's business. it's been trampled by a seemingly endless -- which came to a real crescendo when the company reported a truly disappointing quarter at the end of october.
3:20 am
a single session. wall street is now acting like grub hub is road kill. and at thinks levels, the stock still trades at 23 times next year's estimates. it's a reasonable estimate, as long as the estimates don't keep being cut and there's no certainly about that. what was so terrible at the most recent quarter? it missed both the top and bottom-line estimates, but also back the company spend -- these are just 9 headlines. dig deeper. it starts to look look every aspect of this business is decelerating. grubhub's take rate, the commission he get from each quarter was supposed to be growing. lot -- might approach 20%, but it's stuck at the level for ages. what else? the active user base is still growing. decelerated. it increaseded by 41%, i know,
3:21 am
sounds good year other over, down and 46% the quarter before that that should have given the number the boosts, right? you buy more and more business, in absolute terms, expanding a user base, it's impressive. relative to the which is what matters, it is disappointing. perhaps worst of all, grub hub's daily orders, increased by just 22.5%, down from 33%. grubhub can say it was caused by allergy gists, buzz there's a clear trend, showing that grubhub's ground is indeed growing. a nightmare for the owners of the stock, which brings me to the other things that are unnerving investors, grubhub has a plan to reinvigorate its business, and into the delivery
3:22 am
take the food themselves rather restaurant. management indicated they'll be spending $10 to $20 million to build out the delivery capacity next year. they're already delivering in 30 markets. with plans to move into 40 more. they've been vocal about the lowest delivery foos out there. the economics might be legislate ace tractive that is the easy to understand online ordering biz. and it's the only way to fend off the rising competition from the likes of uber and, yes, post -- this company's earnings, the competition is too steep. when grubhub went public 1 months ago, let's just say there now there's a lot in this online food delivery space.
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you can see it in the decelerating growth rate. maybe grubhub can turn things around, but i suggest you wait to see if the growth here can stabilize. at the moment, this former high flyer has now entered the danger zone, making it way too risky for this guy. we've been more "mad money" ahead. you thought the issues with macy's just impacted the retailers? wrong. i'm telling you what else troubles me. when it comes to ordering popeye's i say treat yourself, but it could also be a treat for your portfolio. i have the ceo, and also homework that could help make you money. two new names. stick with cramer. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this. i'm lucky to get through a shift without a disaster. my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. so i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated
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so all that's left is the shine.
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wills suddenly become again a quandary. is weighs on this market, and weighing on it hard. we know for months now, perhaps even this entire year, hedge funds which trade a relationships have sold is the stocks, sold them whenever out has plummeted. if oil is going down, the economy is not stroke enough. if the fed tightens we'll be back in the soup. this is oil as barometer of
3:27 am
strength oar weakness dicot mick that kicks in every time oil goes below $45. i have always thought the thesis behind the trade is a tad wrong-headed, because the vast majority, close to 85% are inseriously correlate lated to the price of out. here's the issue, though, when you see the stock that's about macy's or nordstrom get really pummels? right before your eyes, and they do benefit, you get thrown off. one of the great undercurrents was supposed to be that lower gasoline prices would translate
3:28 am
economy. but the delivered says not so fast. that declining gasoline send adding up. that's what made these last few days so jarring. we know it's bad in the real world. it's like attacks. sure macy's and nordstrom got hurt by warm weather, but in the end it doesn't seem toby helping anybody in reality, even though we know in theory it has to be. i guess you could say that cheaper oil has become a pox on both of stock and real world houses. worse yesterday, the saves grace of oil has that the winners with good balance sheets would start scooping up the loser and takeovers, the deal that was on everyone's lips was exxon, the biggest would buy anadarko, apc, now that the gulf claims are at last behind anadarko, the big oil spill had acted like a
3:29 am
poison pill for this company. were lots of reports that exxon would strike. instead we learned one 36-hour very strange news cycle that anadarko, again a good company, can approached a rival, apache, with an all-stock bid. felt compelled to issue a release. the result, apaches stock which had spiked on the rumor god crushed on the negative any that anadarko had walked away. didn't matter. the selling continued. a tough group. nonjed did we lease the commodity bid, we lost the takeover story. we were in a different posture. retail clearly not coming through and not gang from oil takeovers. believe me lower oil is causing a lot of the lower prices you
3:30 am
are seeing, so what happens now? what do we want in especialtily if it doesn't seem to be helping anyone, and definitely hinders all the companies that have become public, especially the master limited partnerships. unfortunately the economy doesn't seem strong enough to take the oil higher, plus it looks lie isis, which would always bess a geopolitical disruptor could be on the run because of the russian and kurdish fighters. lower oil par docksically becomes part of the bear case, not the bull case, and only exacerbating the fears that are out there less the fed sends us back into the abyss of no growth. can oil hold 40? i think it can, given a couple expect more pain.
3:31 am
patch, and today was one of the nastiest sessions of 2015, and i'm putting it at the feet of the collapse of oil. ken in arizona, ken? >> caller: hey, jim, how are you? >> aisle real good. >> caller: kendall morgan, wondering if there is any correlation pricewise to the decline in the price of oil. i don't think there should be. secondly if these statements by bullard, dudley, lacquer and those at the fed talking about projected increases are playing >> they sure are. i know rich kinder is the chairman, he's been buys stock, but the last quarter was not that good. and they're all part of etfs and they're all going down. people file like there sunday enough being pumped out, so the onil reason why you own the stocks typically are for the distributions.
3:32 am
see. luis in north carolina? >> caller: yes. thanks for taking the call. >> how are you? >> caller: good. people remodel and buying their homes need to put furniture in it. i'm looking it the -- a little worrisome, but interest rates are probably going up. i know you like this company, were your favorites, the ceo has been on the show. the chart is showing. the conference call right in the middle of the holiday season. tell us what we need to see going into it. >> you're not going to like what i'm about to say, but i'm a devotee, and he's urged people that think short term, they should go. he is thinking long term, multiple years. those who are along for the ride
3:33 am
worried right now, they shouldn't be in. he's telling you, unless you're willing to think long term, don't over restoration hardware. i like his thinking. oil is weighing on this market in a weird and bizarre way, but i think we can still expect more pain from declining oil. much more "mad money" healed. could the latest quarter from popeye's louisiana kitchen be just what your portfolio is craving? them i'm celebrating throwback thursday by revisiting some of the questions, and your calls. rapid fire in tonight's edition
3:34 am
stick with cramer. we know that this has been a difficult time for most restaurant stocks, but at least one of the laggards seems to have gotten its groove back. >> i'm talking about plki, the very well-run fried chicken which are in this country, but a growing number overseas. popeye's has had a tough year, the stock, not the company. it's down 9%, then the company reported some tremendous results. beat off the 47% basis, strong global same-store sales growth,
3:35 am
vaulted 39 about the $41. even after today's run, popeyes is only about four bucks above its lows. it can clear climbing. continues to rally. of popeye's to learn about the quarter, welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you, jim. good to see you. >> everyone was saying every chain is versus trouble. you do four times that. what did popeye's do differently? >> we covered the country with exciting reasons to come in. we had a report market share of 26% of chick enquick-service restaurants. that was up two points versus a
3:36 am
it's a competitive category. this was a winning quarter. you talked about chile and peru, and can you put mohr restaurants there? >> absolutely, jim. there is more around the world. we're in about 28 countries, and some are in 60. some of some exileding stories where the brand has proved to be successful, and we're excited to open those markets? >> one of the pillars is to accelerate risks, yet at the
3:37 am
need superior real estate. a bunch of the restaurants have told me we're beginning to run out of interesting good real estate spots. are you able to find the good real stade? >> yes, you're right, but it's a competitive world. there's more competition. you have to have the sales there our units are opening up north of a million six. the under economics are excellent. that allows them to pay more for real estate. >> we're in a moment where a lot of people are worried about labor costs. labor costs for your franchisees are are they starting to feel a pinch? i mean, one of the points we have always paid the minute one -- how would you describe to our viewers this nothing of
3:38 am
national minimum wage increase v. who pop eye's can do for your shareholders? >> i tell the viewer the wage has already gone up. when mcdonald's and other retailers are at $9. so we adjust the levels we have available to us, which selectively taking pricing, and we've done this year over year. it's something we know how to do. so we have great employees, we want to pay them competitively. that wage is simply a starting wage to get people into our careers so they can be managers and owners and make great income. >> the price of chicken, so commodities have come down. i was surprised to see chicken stubbornly high. have we seen -- >> and it's been stable then
3:39 am
from that appointed forward. the net effect has been about one%. we've been able to take careful and collective pries to offset that. look, everyone likes organic, natural, healthy. great buzz words, but we've been seeing some of the healthier guys not put up big numbers, and guides who are good treats going a bit better. is there a shift back where if i'm going out, i'm going to have something i really like, even if it's not necessarily something the best word for me. >> what we see is people enjoying flavorful food, so our new products, like it's spicy garlic shrimp. you're not eating that at night. so i think you've got to keep so they can make a choice of something really flavorful and
3:40 am
good to eat. >> last question, you have a buyback. stocks in the groups obviously you're doing better, just keep buying back stock and take advantage of it? >> well, absolutely. we were excited to report that our board approve that $200 million authorization. we think that tells you how confident we are in our future, jim. >> it sure does. it was great to see some company's stock pop on good news. cheryl bachelder, congratulations on a good quarter. great to see you. not everybody is struggling. "mad money" is back after the break. same detergent. but only jill ends up with wet, spotty glasses. kate adds finish jet-dry with five power actions that dry dishes and prevent spots and film, so all that's left is the shine. for better results, use finish jet-dry. i've got two reasons to take care of my heart. that's why i take meta. meta is clinically proven
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it is time. itis time for the lightning round. buy buy buy or sell sell sell. before this sound and then the round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? top of the lightning round. alan in texas? >> caller: hey, jim. boo-yah from dallas. well, i'm 25, a longtime horizon, thinking about buying national oil. >> i hate to see it, even with the long-term time horizon, i think you should rate. it's just nowhere near bottoming. you have some time before you need to pull the truer. michael in connecticut? >> caller: boo-yah, jim, i'm in a mansion of pain with espeer on. is there any outnow to sell? >> if you need a tax loss, i would taye it.
3:43 am
esperion. let's go to tom in new york. tom? >> caller: hey, cramer. and boo-yah! >> all right. fair enough. >> caller: what is your take on sun power? >> i'm staying away from sunpower. by the way, i week buying solar before that one. david in new york? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: just rnc? >> it is a rocket ship, dermatology is very hot, but if i want dermatology i'm going to buy allergan, because they're taking it to valiant. >> you're not in it for takeover, you're in it for earnings. to carolyn in tennessee?
3:44 am
>> okay. >> caller: it is what is your take on the container store? >> even down here i can only say that it is still too early to buy the container store. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of "the light -- lightning round" and pilled cardigans become pets. but it's not you, it's the laundry. protect your clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz. ...with downy fabric conditioner... it not only softens and freshens, it helps protect clothes from the damage of the wash. so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes. downy fabric conditioner. wash in the wow. there's moving... and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill.
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the more you know.
3:47 am
whenever you stump me about a stock, i always do the homework and get back to you. after all this is the self-proclaimed most interactive show on television, and there's been a lot of stocks that have become public, so let's get to work. a couple weeks ago, kathleen asked me about ptc, as in phil tom charlie. i said i would do more research. it's a big play on today thea for manufacture respect, providing software for all levels of the big from engineering and design to supply team management to sales and customer service. it's always picked up a lot of exposure to the rapidly growing internet of iot space, thanks to a series of acquisitions it's made in the past couple years. it tends to be a bit of a wild trader. it's the entire growth cohort
3:48 am
plus ptc is a long track record, but then providing conservative guidance that pours cold water on the null le unthrewed -- my view, i don't like ptc, but the analysts seem to adore the stock, and i believe the up side is limited, at least until ptc proves it can successfully integrate. i think ptc might be worth owning. keep an eye out for a viable pullback. last week, jim in oklahoma, called about one that i didn't know at all, called air methods. airm. i said i would get back. air methods provides emergency medical transport services using a fleet of over 450 small airplanes and helicopters to pick up patients in need and take them to a nearby hospital. i kind of like this.
3:49 am
spiked 12% after an activist investor sent a letter to manage say that air methods could create a value for shareholders by selling itself to a private equity firm. they also implied while there's real interest in air methods, company's management doesn't seem to be interested. if it can be taken prior. for air medical group unless the fundamentals are sound. in a case of air methods, blew away the numbers. after initially soaring higher, the stock is down below where it was, in part because we learned that air methods is acquiring tristate care flight, another medical airlift play. and they're paying $222 million. management expects in deal to be immediately at tiff to earnings,
3:50 am
you can make a very solid case, simply on an earnings basis, even if the community doesn't -- but the stock is trading 12 times -- air methods is -- i think -- that's two that our viewers have come to us with kind of good companies. an marie called about a tougher one, navi. i knew this story had a lot of controversy about it. lastee salary mae broke it slough up and navient took the federally backed student loan bits. it owns the largest portfolio of owns owned by the federal family education long which was active from 1965 to 2010, with billion in student loans. it's a nice rickable business.
3:51 am
however, this is a very heavily regulated business. the consumer financial protection bureau might be gunning for these guys. the core big is pegged to a kind of student loan that wohl be around anymore, given that the government stops sponsoring them. >> i think you should stay away. hard to assess. mark in vermont asked me about lion technology libo. it's a very early-stage biotech focused on cancer immunotherapy. you may remember that i told that you lion was way too risky during a homework segment. people liked this stock, and it fell 40% from its highs. look, you know, even after this recent sideline, my opinion is unchanged. lion biotechnologies is kind of a lottery ticket. did you see megamillions is up to $200 million? i think there's other higher
3:52 am
quality biotechs with far more proven therapies, that can give you better odds, and even those are going down? celgene is down 10? proof i have the smartest viewers around. two out of four, air methods, doesn't that sound good? stick with cramer. it's a pleasure gel that magnifies both our sensations. it gives us chills in places we've never gotten chills before. yeah, it makes us feel like... dare to feel more with new k-y love. to truly feel healthy on the outside you have to feel healthy... your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health. start the interview with a firm handshake. ay,no! don't do that! try head & shoulders instant relief. it cools on contact, and also keeps you 100% flake free.
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node strom had a terrible number, cisco with a good number, but then a disappointing guide down. that's why you want to watch "squawk on the street" tomorrow. i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. i will see you tomorrow. jeff: hi. i'm chef jeff, and welcome to "flip my food." we have 3 chef-inspired dishes that's putting a flip on classic southern cooking. let's get in the kitchen, and let's get cooking. announcer: on today's "flip my food," the flavor is headed way up with 3 down-home recipes from the deep south. chef jeff calls in the experts to help
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